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Vito DJing a wedding reception
Vito set up at The Fort Garry Hotel

About Us

Serino Sound has chosen to remain a small-sized Winnipeg music company, so as to maintain our individualized and quality service to the client. This means that our total attention will be focused on your event, and that Vito himself will be in contact with you to go over all of the details. Often with larger-sized companies that may run 10 or 30 music systems in one night, a client does not get to meet or speak to their DJ ahead of time - and quite often the client remains known as only "a contract number". In having so many music systems out in a night, larger companies also run the risk of missing very important details that the client would like while planning his or her event. It is in helping our clients plan the event to run smoothly, and ensuring that these details are taken care of, that Serino Sound excels.

We never forget that we are in a service business. Our number one concern is that your event is a success. In the past our dedication to service has meant extending our participation well beyond playing music and doing announcements. We have assisted many videographers, photographers, caterers, MCs, marriage commissioners and other vendors to avoid a crisis and help keep the event running smoothly.

Serino Sound is proud to specialize in providing music, microphone and lighting services for weddings, wedding ceremonies and corporate events. Vito Serino has been playing music since 1987 in the Winnipeg area, with the majority of these years being for his own company. He has experience playing for guests of all ages and ethnicities, and at many types of events including weddings, socials, anniversaries, engagements, corporate bookings, Christmas / Holiday parties, grads, school and pre-teen dances. He has also provided public address systems or production services for events such as wedding ceremonies and corporate events.

On average, we accept only 60-70 bookings a year, and are limited to a first-come, first-served basis.

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