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Corporate Event Uplighting rentals
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Do-It-Yourself Rentals

In a pinch or looking to save some of your hard-earned dollars? We may have an option for you! We rent monogram / gobo projectors, uplighting, multimedia projectors and screens. You pick it up, set it up, and return it to us, and as a result we are able to offer you these items for a very fair price.




Multimedia Projector Rentals:

We can rent you a projector for the day or for the week. In a bind because your own projector's bulb blew and it will take a few days to get a replacement? Need a projector for your DVD / PowerPoint / Video slideshow for your wedding? Having a small conference in town and need to show video or a slideshow? Give us a call, even after regular business hours or on the weekend!


  • 4200 lumen projector available [9'6" away from screen = 84" image]

  • 3200 lumen short-throw projector available [2 feet away from screen = 48" diagonal image / 4' away = 96" image]

  • 3600 lumen 3D projector suitable for home theatre application, wedding socials (winning prize number postings), etc.


Projection Screen Rentals:

We have 6.5-foot, 7-foot, 8.5-foot, and 10-foot projection screens that can be rented by the day or week.


  • Projectors & Screens:

  • You pick them up, set them up, and return them to us - please check to make sure your vehicle can accommodate the length.

  • Damage deposit may be required and will be assessed on an individual basis


Uplighting Rentals:

We have beautiful and professional quality uplighting that you can rent for your event. Place the uplights around the perimeter of the room, use them to accent your wedding cake or candy buffet table, behind your head table, dress up your corporate event by using wall washes in your corporate colors, or many other ideas to bring your party to the next level and give your venue room the "wow" factor. Decorative event lighting can completely change the look of your room by adding elegance and/or fun and helps tie together all of the other event design elements you've chosen to make your day special - your accent colors, the flowers, linens, centerpieces, chair sashes or chair covers, etc...

  • You select the colour you'd like (almost limitless - red, purple, blue, green, white, pink, yellow.... etc.)

  • They will be pre-programmed to that colour before you pick them up

  • You pick them up, set them up, and return them to us

  • No technical know-how required (we do it all beforehand)... just plug them in.

  • Damage deposit ($200) may be required but is fully refundable after the equipment has been returned, counted, and tested

  • Payment in full at time of pickup

  • Minimum rental: 4 lights ($125); every additional light is $25.00


Dancing Under The Stars ("Starry Night") Lighting Effect:

Green laser stars slowly drift in the sky and through a blue nebula cloud. Excellent room coverage. Very pretty and fairly subtle. This light is one of the hottest things for weddings, but works well with grads, Christmas parties, and wedding socials too.

  • No technical know-how required... just plug it in.

  • You can adjust the amount of "blue cloud"

  • You pick it up and return it to us

  • Payment in full at the time of pickup


Gobo / Monogram Projection Rentals:

What is a gobo? It is a design that is inserted into a special gobo projector. This design is shone onto the wall, ceiling, or dance floor.

  • A unique personalized touch for your event - a great photo opportunity for guests.

  • An awesome - and affordable - alternative to a wedding social banner! Our gobos are bigger, and brighter than traditional banners. See our gobo page for examples

  • Beautiful and classy for weddings - shine your Monogram In Lights over the cake table, on a wall, on the dance floor.

  • Display your corporate logo in lights, or use our gobo for a message (e.g. Season's Greetings from....)

  • Project well wishes for a Birthday, Bat Mitzvah, or Debut

  • Theme party? 50's party? 80's party? Project a cool image that fits into your theme!

  • Over 200+ designs to choose from, or for a small artwork surcharge we can work with you to create something else you have in mind


  • When you book, you will be given access to our 200+ templates. Find one you like and fill in our gobo order form with your details

  • You will be e-mailed a proof to check before the gobo is made

  • The gobo will be created and loaded in the special gobo projector

  • You pick it up, set it up, and return it to us

  • Everything you need is included: the gobo projector, gobo disc, protective carrying case, tripod stand, cord, duct tape, instructions, etc...

  • No technical know-how required (we do it all beforehand)... just plug in the projector, aim it, and focus it. It takes approximately 10 minutes to set it all up.

  • Damage deposit ($200) may be required but is fully refundable after the equipment has been returned and tested

  • Payment in full at time of pickup

  • Monogram / logo / gobo projection rental is $150


All prices shown are subject to change. Please add 5% GST to all prices shown.


Any questions? Please call us at (204) 832-6588




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