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Wedding Monogram over the bar area
Gobo Leslie Chris Victoria Inn Wellington 02
Country wedding social banner
We can do graphic gobos
Wedding gobo over cake table
Dance Floor Monogram
Wedding Social Banner In Lights
Corporate holiday-themed gobo
Monogram on the floor
Season's Greetings gobo
Wedding monogram in lights
Wedding monogram
Wedding social banner 2.0
Wedding monogram.
Wedding monogram
Social gobo
Gobo Gina Jasper social
Gobo Edward Kelsey Sunova Centre first dance2
Wedding Social gobo
Wedding Monogram over the head table
Wedding monogram on the dance floor
Gobo on the dance floor
Wedding social gobo above prizes
Eye-catching banner in lights
Wedding social gobo
Monogram over the wedding cake
Halloween wedding social gobo
Gobo:  daylight vs. evening
Amazing bright wedding social gobo
Custom gobo for a country wedding
Wedding monogram gobo on dance floor
Concert Ballroom, dance floor gobo
Custom photo gobo for Engagement
Custom created corporate gobo
A great photo opportunity for guests
Beautiful wedding gobo on ceiling
Wedding social gobo, room lights on
Name In Lights for a wedding social
Corporate gobo for the Holidays
Wedding monogram gobo by cake
Wedding Monogram in Eckhardt Hall
Birthday Party gobo
Uplighting and wedding monogram gobo
Awesome social banner in lights!
A great photo op for guests

(a.k.a "Names In Lights"  "Logo In Lights"  "Wedding Monogram"  "Social Banner In Lights)

Newer to Winnipeg, no one else has designs like us!... We offer you the ability to - affordably - add your names, a monogram, or your corporate logo in lights! The design is called a "gobo". It can be displayed on the wall (the best option), or ceiling, or floor. We offer 200+ custom designs, and in most cases, colors can be changed or added.

Guests love taking photos of the bride & groom in front of the display, whether it's at a social or a wedding. At a social, the gobo can take the place of a banner (and unlike tradtional banners, as the room lights get darker, our light gets brighter!). At a wedding, it is an unexpected and beautifully elegant - or fun - touch!


Please note that every room is different, and the visibility of the light depends on the amount of daylight in the room, the color and texture of the surface the light is displayed on (eg: a white wall vs. a panelled wall or brick), and the ability to find a suitable place to position the light as some venues are very tight/packed with people and we will need to set up a tripod stand. White will be the most noticeable color in the gobo, so it is suggested that your names and/or wedding date be in white. Below you will find some samples of designs that we can do.


NEW! We also rent gobos in case we are not DJing your event.

Traditionally gobos are very expensive to produce (color designs costing upwards of $300 to manufacture). We are offering gobos to our clients in a much more affordable manner. If we are DJing your event, a basic gobo will run approximately $125 + GST (for names or a monogram, with or without accent color). Custom touches such as adding a photo are available for a fee. We are also able to do a completely custom design (e.g. your corporate logo or your existing monogram) for a small artwork surcharge. Most designs are customizable (e.g. the design has a purple swirl but you'd like a blue one)

Some of our 200+ unique & customizable designs...

Some of Serino Sound's gobos and wedding monograms to choose from
We create gobos for socials, wedding receptions, corporate events, anniversaries, birthdays and more!
Our custom monograms can make your event really unique !!! We offer DIY gobo rentals!
We offer companies a great way to display a thank you message or holiday message to their employees. We offer DIY rentals!
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