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Gateway To The Arctic building (Assiniboine Park) in Winnipeg Manitoba

Gateway To The Arctic (in Assiniboine Park)

The Gateway To The Arctic is a unique event venue nestled in the Assiniboine Park Zoo's Journey To Churchill exhibit. It is home to Winnipeg's famous polar bears, which often make appearances at your event! The Aurora Borealis theatre is a round room in the Gateway To The Arctic building, and is where the seated meal and disc jockey would be set up. This venue can seat 90 guests (or 250 guests for a standing reception). There is a glass wall to view polar bears, the Sea Ice Passage which is a glass tunnel where you can watch the polar bears swim, and there is also a seal viewing area where the adorable little seals will swim right up to the glass to say hello.  This unique venue also shares Assiniboine Park with the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden and English Gardens - making it a great reception venue after your wedding ceremony in the Park (don't forget we can supply microphones or music for your wedding ceremony!) The Aurora Borealis Theatre also lends itself well to additional lighting such as uplights, our Starry Sky lights, our Monogram In Lights ("gobo"), and dance floor lighting! Be sure to check out the photos below.

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