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This Grad party at the Winnipeg Convention Centre required a lot of Top 40 and fun dance music
We have many song options for the Bride and Groom's first dance
This birthday party required a lot of fun kids' music and Top 40.

Music Library & Music Selection Tips...

Music Library:
Serino Sound's digital music library features thousands and thousands of songs - from the obscure to the most requested party hits. Our collection is updated twice monthly through subscription services that have been specially created for mobile disc jockeys to ensure that we have the latest hits. We also have the tried-and-true songs of the past.
Our collection features:


Music genres offered by Serino Sound Music Services: elegant cocktail and dinner music, 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, top 40, jazz, big band, swing, jives, polkas, butterflies, kolomeykas, line dances, salsa, bhangras, specialty dances and so much more!

If you choose to book your event with us, you will be given a password to use our Planning Tools section which features our extensive music database. You are able to compile an online music request list for your event, and if you so wish, we can give your guests access to our database so that they too can put together an online list of songs they would like to hear.

Music Selection Tips:

We are fairly open to song requests made by the client, as well as by the guests. While some companies do not allow the client to request any of the event's music, or severely limit the amount of pre-chosen music, we believe otherwise. We feel that it is your booking, and that you know the people coming to the event and the types of music that they may like to hear. We do ask, however, that Serino Sound be given some creative freedom as a professional and experienced disc jockey to read the crowd and play a variety of music that the guests would like to hear.

Also please keep in mind that our music database does include some music that would be inappropriate for some bookings (i.e. hardcore gangsta rap or very heavy metal that won't be appreciated by grandparents at a wedding reception, etc.). Should there be songs or types of music that you do not want to hear, please list those on your online music “Do Not Play” list and we will discuss those selections with you to make sure that there are no misunderstandings. Before creating a “Do Not Play” list, it is important to take into consideration the following aspects:

  • How many children, teens, and guests over the age of 50 will be in attendance? Their music tastes may differ from your own, plus guests of age 65 may have different music tastes from guests of age 14. Please try to take these differences into consideration so that guests of all ages will have a great time at your event.

  • If you don’t like a particular song or music genre, and if a guest requests it to the DJ, would you tolerate it so that the guest can have a good time?

  • Can you trust your DJ to use his experience and all the music at his disposal to ensure that everyone has fun?

We would be more than happy to discuss your music preferences and selections for your event. Please phone us at (204) 832-6588


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