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Ceremony, Forks Amphitheatre
DJ Vito at a wedding reception
Audio for wedding ceremony
Bride dancing with guests

Pricing... and other factors

Why price should not be the only determining factor when choosing your Winnipeg wedding or event DJ

As every party we do is different from one to another, it is difficult to give an exact price quote without knowing some of the details of your party. There are several factors that must be taken into consideration for each particular event, such as:

  • Location

  • Number of guests

  • Travel (for select venues outside of Winnipeg)

  • How many hours our services are required for

  • Day of the week

  • Lightshow

  • Special services such as:

  • Please call us at (204) 832-6588 for an accurate price quote or use our contact form on the Contact Us page.

Event Packages
We are able to offer you a custom package for your event based upon your needs and/or budget.

About Pricing ...
It is true that Winnipeggers love deals. Who doesn’t? But considering that music and dancing are normally the only entertainment for your wedding guests over a 7-hour period, do you really want to choose the cheapest company you can find? Think about how many of your friends have complained about a social, dance or wedding they went to because they didn’t like the music – that’s because they remember the music and/or the DJ (even if it’s for the wrong reasons)! You probably want people to remember what a good time they had at your event, NOT how loud the music was, how much rap the DJ played or how empty the dance floor was. So if spending an extra $150 or $200 over the price of the cheapest DJ you find will give your guests a good time, isn’t it worth it? We know we're not the cheapest DJ company in the city, but you have to wonder why some companies charge $300 for an event. Are they good? Are they a registered business? Are they licensed? Do they protect you - the client - with a legal contract? Are you getting someone experienced? Knowledgeable about music? Familiar with your venue? Are they using home-grade audio equipment to play in a large room of 200 people? Are they using illegal downloaded music? Do they have backup equipment? Are their DJ’s only being paid minimum wage? Are they going to show up to your wedding wearing jeans? Are they really serious enough about their business to really care about your event – and if so, why are they not charging what their talent and service is worth?

During the wedding planning stage, Brides say their highest priorities are their wedding dress, followed by the reception venue/meal. Reception entertainment is one of their lowest priorities. Within one week after their reception, 78% of Brides say they would have made the entertainment their highest priority! (Modern Bride Magazine survey)

If you think about what weddings cost – how much you pay for your dress, the cake, the cost per meal, the flowers, the photographer – is it really the best decision to skimp on the guests’ entertainment?

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